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A complete TPP checking service for UK/EU

OB Directory

The Banfico Open Banking Directory provides a single and compliant source of standardised information about active Regulated Entities that can perform Access to Account (XS2A) services in Europe. It connects to all National Competent Authority (NCA) registers and European Banking Authority (EBA).

Our cloud-based solution is highly available, with updates sourced from the registers every two hours.

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Product Highlights

The Advantages of an Open Banking Directory

Compliance & Risk Mitigation

Our solution complies with mandatory TPP identification checks through the use of eIDAS and OBIE certificates.

To mitigate fraud, our solution does a real-time check on the National Competent Authority (NCA) register.

Unlimited API Volume

We provide unlimited API volume usage subject to fair use policy.

Our solution is built with highly available and scalable architecture.

Available in TWO options

OB Directory provides data from 31 NCA Registers, which needs to be cached on the bankside.

OB Directory Plus provides an additional certificate validation service.


Each option is priced differently based on your need and requirements.

We offer flexible pricing structures.

Open Banking Directory

OB Directory

Validate eIDAS/OBIE certificates

Regulated Entity data from 31 NCA Registers

Check TPP authorisation

Real-time updates (within 2 hours)

Highly available (99.95%)

Versioning and audit log included

Highly scalable and resilient


Simple onboarding process

Dedicated development support

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Our OB Directory Offers

OB Directory OB Directory Plus
Key Differences
Technical Setup NCAs register data shared via API
on the cloud
Full TPP validation using simple API
on the cloud
Certificates Checking
(eIDAS & OBIE Certificates)
Connection to 31 NCA Registers
& EBA Register
24/7 Support (and Migration Support)
Usage Policy Full and Incremental Downloads Available
(Subject to Fair Usage Policy)
Unlimited API Calls Volume
(Subject to Fair Usage Policy)
Types of TPPs All Regulated Entities All Regulated Entities
Infrastructure Maintenance Banks require additional infrastructure
to maintain directory cache
Fully managed SaaS

Your trusted PSD2 compliance solution

Here’s What the Process Looks Like

The OB Directory allows you to validate the authorisation status of TPPs that request access to your customer accounts. TPPs are

checked against all available registers and their certificate is validated against the EU Trust List of Trust Service Providers.

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Open Banking Directory

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