OBEaaS – TPP Registry

PSD2 Compliance

“Article 5 of PSD2 Directive (EU) 2015/2366 requires all TPPs to be regulated & authorised by National Component Authorities (NCA)”

Under PSD2, Account Servicing Payment Services Providers (ASPSPs) are obliged to allow Payment Service Providers (PSPs) with the appropriate payment services authorisations to access their customer accounts and to prevent access to any organisation without these authorisations. Any failure to properly authenticate these PSPs will risk unauthorised transactions or unauthorised data sharing and later claims under PSD2, or the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

PSD2 mandate the participants TPPs must register with home NCA and acquire authorisation for the desired regulated roles. Participant ASPSPs must check the TPPs authorisation before granting them access for Account or Payment resources. This model put a lot of technical complexity on ASPSPs as there are 31 NCAs with no standard interface to perform validation for TPPs. EBA also has its own register with no API access.

PRETA / Open Banking Europe

PRETA’s Open Banking Europe Directory provides a single & compliant source of standardised information about active Regulated Entities that can perform Access to Account (XS2A) services in Europe.

Banfico is official Directory Distributor for Open Banking Europe & we provide TPP Directory Service through our high available SaaS service - OBEaaS

How it works?

ASPSP registers on our OBEaaS developer portal and create an app to consume Regulated Data APIs. Our regulated entity cache is synchronised with OBE Directory.

ASPSP make a callout to our OBEaaS to validate TPP authorisations and enforce access controls.

Check our developer portal for details.


  • Regulatory Data API – Check validation of TPP using an easy to use Data API
  • Real-Time Updates - Critical Regulatory Data changes are updated in our cache
  • Versioning & Audit Log - Easily compare, monitor, and track the historical Regulated Entity, ASPSP, and TPP Data changes
  • TPP Operational Data - Access the Directory’s TPP Data if you are an ASPSP user, for the latest support contacts
  • Availability – Highly scalable & resilient implementation on the cloud
  • Cost-effective – Monthly subscription based on API call volume

On-premise Deployment

We also support on-premise deployment. Reach out to us for details.


Please download a whitepaper to learn more about our TPP Directory Service provided us.